Thursday, February 5, 2015

Gluten Free Girl Scout Cookies in Temecula Valley

It is that time of year again.....have you had adorable little girls in Daisy or Brownie uniforms knocking on your door yet?  
Girl Scouts will be starting booth sales at grocery stores all around the Temecula Valley this weekend.  Cookies are still $4/box here (the price has gone up to $5/box in many other areas.)
For our gluten free friends:
Temecula Girl Scouts fall within the San Gorgonio Council, and here is the GLUTEN FREE cookie information for this council.  FYI if you work or travel into San Diego, LA, or Orange County, they are in different councils so their cookies are different. 
*  Made in a dedicated gluten-free facility
*  Made with real chocolate chips, real peanut butter and certified gluten free whole grain oats
*  Contain absolutely no artificial colors or flavors, high-fructose corn syrup, palm oil, or hydrogenated oils

The bakery for our Temecula Valley Girl Scouts is ABC.  They will conduct follow-up research to decide whether to keep Trios or go back to the drawing board.