Thursday, May 13, 2010

Where is @dailytemecula today?

Daily Temecula is in transition. On hiatus. Going from something small and independent to something larger, more interdependent, and collaborative. And it is FUN. When I created Daily Temecula in the spring of 2009, my #1 rule was: if it gets to a point of not being fun (for me) anymore, I was outta there.

It has always been fun, but it got to be a bit unmanageable. I'm pretty dynamic frenetic, but I'm only one woman.

So I'm learning from the past and asking for help, teaming up, buddying up, and sharing the experience with friends.

We will be back SOON!

For now, follow me on Twitter and keep up with me on my other blog (and here too!).

Where is @dailytemecula now?

* #temeculatweets tweetup at California Tea & Coffee Brewery
* Temecula Duck Pond
* Old Town Temecula farmer's market
* Stellar Cellar
* Walmart, Target, KMart, and Costco
* Temecula Little History Museum
* Lazy Dog Cafe
* Go See Christy's Pink It Up pink carpet grand opening
* Junior League of Riverside annual meeting (where I'm presenting the Spirit of Volunteerism Award in memory of Bonnie Polis)

Whew! Now go do something fun in Temecula today. Don't forget to follow me on twitter and mark your posts to me with #dailytemecula.

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  1. I think I see why you don't have time to make the kids breakfast.