Friday, July 10, 2009

Seen/Scene from July 4th Weekend, 2009


Daily Temecula pays a visit to California Tea & Coffee Brewery, where we spot regular customer Alisha Roberts cooling down with a custom mint-chocolate creation. Check out "FOCUS ON..." for more pictures!

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SIPPING & CHATTING....Several groups of ladies of various ages heading into Old Town's Truffles & Lace Tea Parlor. Temecula's newest workout sensation Sweat Cardio & Yoga informs Daily Temecula via Twitter that Truffles & Lace is a lot of fun. Can't wait to check it out!

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Here's what their menu looked like a few days ago. There's lots of tea too, of course.

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ROLLING, ROLLING, ROLLING...Have you ridden the Temecula Trolley yet?! Free rides started this weekend. The story is that this trolley service, which links up Harveston to the Promenade Mall and Old Town, was part of a deal the Harveston developers made with the city to help alleviate traffic.

The trolley is free at least through the end of this year. It sounds like a lot of fun so check it out! Trolley signs are up on Ynez near the car dealerships. Next time your car is being serviced at DCH or Paradise you can trolley on over to Old Town. Check out the complete schedule and route map here.

SO MANY SPAS, SO LITTLE TIME...Walking through Old Town we were intrigued by the lovely remodeled exterior of the Old Town Temecula Salon & Day Spa (41925 Third Street, in Old Town just east of Front Street.) This is near the new location of Old Town favorite Sweet Lumpy's BBQ (now at 41915 Third Street.)

STOCKING THE SHELVES...Jordan Stone, proprietor of newly opened Delaney's Market, gets a little (lot?!) of help from her daughter, plus a friend who stopped by to check out the market's first few days and say hi:

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GET OUT THE VOTE!...Visitors to Parents Connect can vote once each day until July 15 in the national survey of Best Local Places. Cruise on over to their San Diego category and cast your daily vote for Old Town's own Temecula Children's Museum, whose name was offiically changed to Pennypickles. Everyone always calls it that so news of the name change was anti-climactic.

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