Sunday, September 27, 2009

Morning Memo from Juliet

Morning Memo from Juliet for Monday, September 14, 2009

Good morning! So much is going on around town at this time of year. The local 2009 grapes are being harvested right now as I write this. Palomar Winery had a grape stomp this weekend and Ponte's is coming up on September 27 (check out Ponte's site for complete information on this fun event for the entire family.)

Peltzer Farms opens for the fall season on Saturday, September 26. We don't need to drive all the way to Bates Nut Farm for the pumpkin patch experience, and Peltzer does a fantastic job.

As we enjoy the bounty and beauty of summer-into-fall (what a glorious time of year here in town!) now is a good time to think about our quality of life here in the Temecula Valley.

I am often asked my opinion on some important local issues so today I want to share my views on two hot topics: Liberty Quarry and the new hospital on Temecula Parkway.

* I am opposed to Liberty Quarry locating a mining operation at the Santa Rosa Plateau. I join many of my friends and neighbors who are members of Save Our Southwest Hills, as well numerous local business owners, realtors (who know the crippling effect the project would have on our property values), and the scores of doctors (including my kids' pediatrician, who sees enough asthma cases already even without this project) in our wholehearted, earnest opposition to this project. I fully support the Temecula City Council in their opposition and I also support those members of the County Board of Supervisors who oppose the project.

I believe this project would cause grave harm to our local air quality on a persistent, ongoing, long-term (decades!) daily basis. The light and noise pollution would be destructive to sensitive rare wildlife who live in the area. And on a purely pragmatic level, as a homeowner, real estate investor, and small business person living and working in this community, we can't afford the dollars and cents consequences of the loss in value of our investment. The demand for quarried materials waxes and wanes with demand; the quarry itself cannot be undone as trends change. The irreversible damage is done the day the first blasting begins.

* I support the California State Department of Public Health's decision to delay construction of the new hospital on Temecula Parkway (79S) until the company which will run the hospital can PROVE it has its act together and will run it in a safe, effective manner.

I agree with everyone else who has had to be treated at Rancho Springs or Inland Valley (especially the ER.) Readers of my blog know I (un-)affectionately call Rancho Springs "Beirut ER."

Great people work there. Great doctors and great nurses have dedicated their careers to serving the people of our valley. They are given an impossible task by the company that runs the hospital. Huge fines aren't doing the trick to get through to this company that their way of doing business is UNSAFE. It's a tragedy waiting to happen.

So that's what I think. Check out Focus On... to see what some of our neighbors think of the proposed Summerhouse devleopment.

Have a sunny day!


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