Monday, November 9, 2009



IT'S FUNNY 'CAUSE IT'S TRUE...Thanks to East Coast Tipster Cate for sending me this blog post (check out the last line for where the guy is moving to next.)

TRY THE CHERRY LIMEADE...Midwestern cult fave Sonic has a third Riv Co location. Yup, the Murrieta Hot Springs Road (just west of Margarita) location is NOW OPEN. (Other county locations are in Hemet and out in the desert in Cathedral City.) My mom and dad ate at a 50s vintage Sonic on an architectural driving tour that included Tulsa, Oklahoma. (Mom got a small sundae and Dad got a Diet Coke. I say they missed the boat! Everyone says the thing to get is the cherry limeade.)Eclectic Books owner Tess, whose shop shares a parking lot with Sonic, was spotted trying the tots.

STORMY WEATHER...A winter storm is blowing into town today with rain predicted for Monday (10/12) night. They say a year with many Daddy Longlegs (aka "Harvestman") spiders means a rainy fall and winter. Have YOU seen more spiders than usual? I know we have. Do black widows count?

DID WE JUST GET DISSED?...Check out a blogger's take on attending the Temecula Valley International Film Festival on the Focus Hey, at least they know where Temecula is, right? (Thank you, Sir, may I have another?)

VEGAS-STYLE GLAM...long-awaited Old Town hot spot The Edge is finally open. Fun, fun, fun. Temecula really doesn't have another restaurant quite like this. It would be a perfect spot for a date, girls' night out, or even an over-the-top proposal. Check it out!

COUNTRY WINE WEDDINGS....The Knot honoree Ponte is offering a 33% discount on winter weddings for up to 100 guests. Think snow-capped mountains and pleasantly cool temps on Ponte's beautiful grounds. Check out this and other deals at Ponte's site.

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