Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Morning Memo

Morning Memo from Juliet for Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Good morning! If school or work feels a little empty, it's because flu (H1N1 "swine" variety and plain old seasonal) are here. Track H1N1 locally at the County public health department's site.

Our younger child was diagnosed with asthma and every winter she gets a mild cough that turns into months of late night and early morning hacking, so the day the first 1,600 H1N1 shots (not the mist, which people with asthma cannot have) arrived in Riverside County, I hustled her down to the nearest available location, the walk-in clinic in Perris.

It was pretty much exactly like you'd expect a county public health clinic to be, and in Perris, too. The guy in line in front of us was there to be seen for a possible tattoo infection.

We waited and waited and waited and finally had to leave because our older daughter was arriving home from school soon. We left without getting the shot and need to head back to brave the lines again, if there are still shots remaining in that batch of 1,600.

Thimerosol-free H1N1 shots for pregnant women are available starting today in EXTREMELY limited quantities. The nearest location for Temecula Valley residents is...the county health clinic in Perris. So go join hundreds of coughing, sniffling, and tattoo-itching Parisians (Perrisites?) if you dare.

Fever-free-ly (so far!) yours,


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Special thanks to Tipster Scott for sending me the link to this really interesting blog about IE real estate.

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