Saturday, June 20, 2009

Morning Memo from Juliet for Friday, June 19, 2009

Good morning!

Who am I? Where am I? This blog post on Thanksgiving Feast will help!

June Gloom is finally lifting and summer has arrived here in Temecula. Kids are out riding bikes and scooters. Dogs and their owners are frolicking at the Redhawk Dog Park (check out for local dog park info & resources). Skateboarders are making Ollie Impossibles possible at the Temecula Skate Park (and the middle of my street.)

It's also that time of year when parents are wondering how to keep the kids entertained for the next two and a half months. Check out Daily Temecula contributor Johanna Lack's article on fun (and inexpensive!) local activities to do with kids all summer long.

Local photographer Freida Hall of Le Bella Terra Photography headed out to Wilson Creek Winery at daybreak (she pinpointed the exact moment of sunrise: 5:37 a.m.) to capture some shots for her handmade photo greeting cards. Waking before the sun may be an occasional occupational hazard of photography but Freida's not complaining. She loves being out in nature, especially here in Temecula.

I had an opportunity to visit my favorite dentist, Mau Nguyen of Meadows Dental Group, where I got a clean bill of dental health (whew!). The whole crew over there is really terrific plus they don't laugh when I show up with my security blanket.

The whole Daily Temecula team has been all over Temecula this week scouting out all the latest to entertain and inform you. Here are a few places we went this week:

* California Tea & Coffee Brewery
* Fitwize 4 Kids
* Wild Mango
* Temecula Berry Company
* Taste of India
* Wendi's Donuts

Have a wonderful day here in the beautiful Temecula Valley!


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