Saturday, June 27, 2009

Seen/Scene for Friday, June 26, 2009

ROLLING INTO TOWN...the Temecula Trolley arrives Sunday, June 28! Check out the complete schedule and route map here. It runs seven days a week linking up Harveston, the Promenade Mall, and Old Town.

CHALKING IT UP...Head to Old Town this weekend for the spectacle that is the Ralph Love Plein Air Festival. Entrants create works of art right before spectators' eyes. Bring the kids, then rent Mary Poppins for them.

CONFIRMED SHUTTERED...Yup, definitely. Local mommy favorite (for their kid-confining latching gate, shady area, and chessboard) Starbucks on Margarita Road near Chipotle (on the outer ring of the Promenade Mall) is closed. Where will we buy our Starbucks now? We only have eleventy seven others in town to choose from.

LICENSE PLATES DECIPHERED...Last week I puzzled over MY (HEART) TICS (with license plate frame "Save a Pig; Go Mechanical") and a Tipster came to my rescue with the explanation that this person probably has a mechanical heart valve rather than a more-controversial more-controversial one from pig tissue. Makes sense. Thanks!

GET OUT THE VOTE!...Visitors to Parents Connect can vote once each day until July 15 in the national survey of Best Local Places. Cruise on over to their San Diego category and cast your daily vote for Old Town's own Temecula Children's Museum, whose name was offiically changed to Pennypickles. Everyone always calls it that so news of the name change was anti-climactic.

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